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Is this site safe?

We take your informations safety very seriously. All information is transmitted to us over a secure connection, all protected information is stored in transit and at rest in our databases.

Why does this site look like TRASH

We get asked this question a lot! We try to have the deepest theme integration with our customers, if you do not like the design of this site please see who we are selling for and you will see why it looks this way!

Isn't a Live Offer Sale just an Auction?

The term auction is defined differently in every state. Many states require licenses for selling items through an auction environment, many states are even regulating online auctions and offer sales. In every state in the US it is LEGAL to sell your own property in an auction environment. Some states have laws requiring consigners to have an auctioneers license to protect the public against fraud. Our platform is compliant with local laws! In fact, the creator of the software comes from a long line of auctioneers herself and works closely with auctioneers in NH to ensure that we are in accordiance with the intent and letter of the law!