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About Us

Why use this site?

The concept for this platform was created from a need during the initial lockdown of the 2020 Covid Virus Pandemic. Businesses that had not traditionally done online selling needed to operate in a safe model and still keep the lights on. One such company was TNT Amusements in PA. Over the last few years I had become friends with Todd Tuckey the owner, he was doing whatever he could to keep operating income coming in during the initial weeks of lockdown. He had came up with the idea to use his YouTube channel to sell items over the internet in an interactive way. After watching the amount of administration that was needed to run this type of sale I used my 20+ years and created a POC application for him in 3 days. We tried the new software and it filled the gap perfectly allowing him to concentrate on talking about the items and to the community rather than worrying about late bids and having poor syncronation between the video and chat applications. Our platform puts the current bidder on the same screen with the countdown for all to see in the video. Late bidders are locked out at the website level if the timer is up! This prevents late bidders and the confusion, protection from sniping items is available as the timer can extended with every offer.

About the Creator

Our platform was created by Jillian Haffner (formerly Davis). Jillian comes from a long line of auctioneers, her grandfarther H.Orville Davis was one of the founders of the Massachusetts Auctioneers Association as well as a leader in the antiques auction community in New England. Her Farther Phillip O. Davis worked in the auction business for many years with Jillian's grandfarther and when he got married, Jillian's mother Deborah L Davis became auctioneer as well. Deborah was the first female auctioneer in New England. Since the early 80's there have been others to follow in her footsteps. Although Jillian was very young when the family had regular auctions she remembers the Sundays morning auctions on Main Street in Foxboro Ma.